Amerex Energy Services and its talented team have a rich history of providing clients with energy consultation and risk management services and solutions. We are proud of our history and believe our years of experience set us apart from other energy brokers and energy consultants.

In 1978, Amerex was founded to broker commodities for wholesale clients in the energy industry. Amerex dealt in commodities such as heating oil, gasoline, and fuel oil, quickly establishing itself as a trustworthy resource to provide liquidity and transparency into energy markets. Today, Amerex is one of the largest over-the-counter (“OTC”) energy brokerages, specializing in electricity, natural gas, emission credits and allowances, renewable energy credits and energy data services.

In 2004, Amerex Energy Services was established to capitalize on Amerex’s wholesale energy leadership position by providing advisory services to retail clients. Amerex Energy Services quickly became known for its energy expertise and ability to assist clients across many different industries and of any size, placing it in the upper echelon of energy brokers or consultants. Two years later in 2006, the GFI Group purchased substantially all of the North American assets of Amerex for $86 million in cash. Founded in 1987, GFI is an industry leader in various fixed income and energy and commodity markets according to recent market surveys published by Risk and Energy Risk magazines. As of December 2012, GFI Group employed more than 2,100 people across 16 different countries and serves over 2,600 institutional clients including leading investment and commercial banks, corporations, insurance companies and hedge funds.

In 2009, Amerex acquired a leading energy broker in the Texas market, CETX Energy Agency. This acquisition added another team of seasoned professionals and further enhanced its leadership position. In 2011, Amerex acquired another retail energy broker, Philadelphia-based Energy Choice Solutions (ECS). The addition of ECS accelerated and advanced Amerex's growth into the PJM markets, adding key team members and clients in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Northeast markets. Amerex continues to seek growth today by adding new team members and evaluating additional strategic acquisition opportunities.